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Allow us to guide you on this complicated journey of making your product(s) ready for retail in the USA markets.  A dedicated support team to help you overcome obstacles that would cost you thousands of dollars to figure out on your own. We assist you in the planning and preparation of your product. Also, maximize your brand’s potential to be commercialized in the US.

 A qualified strategist is on standby to assist you in targeting the right consumers and businesses to bring you positive results.We understand that there could be a language barrier and thats why all our representatives are bilingual in Spanish-English to give you honest feedback and planning tools ensuring your success.


Sales, Distribution, Logistical Services Business to Business (B2B). We will partner up with you to manage any sales or marketing activities here in the United States. You will be updated and involved in the process regularly with detailed reports to maintain the image control of your brand.

International Business Technology Industry Sector as Art

We have many channels that we can tap into to ensure your brand gets awareness, and sales. Our connections are robust as we have access to retail stores, specialty shops, and more. Our wisdom includes trade shows, in-store demos, sales pitch, paid ads on social media, Google, and executing marketing events that will drive results.


Electronic Marketplaces B2C.You need someone you can rely on to introduce, and expand your brand on Amazon.  Everglobe ® will work together with you to optimize your listing with engaging pictures, and compelling keywords to drive sales on the marketplace.

As an official registered brand on Amazon; we provide you with powerful tools that get you meaningful reviews, analytical reports to understand your customers, and in front of millions of consumers.


One of our focuses is based on activities involving consulting, importing, distribution, sales and e-sales of specialty products. These are products or brands of unique characteristics and value; which are sought out by niche consumers that are willing to make a special effort in order to get the distinctive attributes, properties, and features of such products.

Everglobe® makes these products available directly to retailers and/or e-marketplaces in the U.S. So you can deliver  a great hassle-free specialty products experience to your customers.



A main interest of Everglobe® is in specialty foods: exclusive (mostly prepackaged) food products with high quality and unique ingredients. For us, this also entails that the products we choose to work with are healthy, natural, and sustainable.


Our team conducts research using the best resources to make sure you,  and our trusted buyers in the states are getting the best results. We frequently travel to different countries to observe the places of sourcing and production. We stay true to our values and verify the quality, integrity, and best practices of all our brands to keep consumers, animals, and the environment safe.


Whether you are buying raw materials, finished goods or specialized products, we will look for the best options in the market that adhere to high quality standards and warranties required by your company.


We will look for the right product for the right market according to your company needs and specifications.


We will look into various options of products, quality, and delivery terms to negotiate the best possible pricing. In accordance to your specifications and needs. This will ensure proper positioning of your products in the target market.


Whether you are importing or exporting products, we will make sure you are in the right market by assisting you with market research, participation in trade shows, discovering new market trends, direct market visits, customer surveys, procurement of samples and more.

We Care

Everglobe Corp. will work only with environmental friendly products with no harm to animals, plants or to the environment


Curious to learn more about our brands. Click any of their logos to be sent directly to their website. Get your products featured on our Everglobe online store powered by Shopify. See your product live on Google shopping pages, and start gaining recognition in the United States. We are proud to have joined the Wal-Mart online marketplace giving your brand access to millions of more customers.

Surprise your guests by preparing them a delicious organic herbal tea sampler fruit infusion, the unique way to eat and drink tropical fruits with a petit pot. Try them ice cold or hot within a few minutes.

A unique snack with Andean Lupin from Ecuador with the ability to provide 3 times the amount of protein than quinoa. Snacks with an Andean culture taste with all natural ingredients.

Cafe Del Cerro is an arabica coffee that comes from Zaruma-Ecuador region, recognized for its special coffee produced at unique altitudes between 1220 and 1500 meters above sea level.

The best Ecuadorian chocolate of the Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma cocoa in its country of origin and to connect the cocoa producer with the consumer.

Nun is a company dedicated to produce healthy pastas with Chilean seaweed, collected by harvesting communities in Chile, under fair trade and sustainable extraction standards.

Chocolate Connection

Jenny Samaniego’s first experience in the early 1980’s, dancing around cocoa trees on the coast of Ecuador.

Bamboo Straws

Reusable straws that are handcrafted by an artisan community in Costa Rica. Perfect for events, weddings,  and parties as an alternative to plastic single use straws.


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