Who We Are

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    We are a company with VAST KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE in connecting small and medium-sized companies in Latin America with suppliers and vendors in the U.S. and worldwide.
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    We SPECIALIZE in a wide range of products and services, conduct market research, gather data, quality reviews and analyze potential markets for your products or services.
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    We CAREFULLY COORDINATE through licensed and experienced Freight Forwarders to ensure the safe delivery of goods via FCL, LCL, Air or Trucking to your final destination.
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    Our TOP ASSET: Professional and dedicated assistance 24/7 to get your company the right products and services in a timely manner and good condition.

what we offer?

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    We CONNECT buyers from the U.S., Asia, and Latin America searching for raw materials, finished goods and/or specialized services.
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    EXPORTS: We CONNECT U.S. Companies with interest in selling their products to markets in Latin America and other countries by offering your products or services to a range of potential buyers
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    IMPORTS: We CONNECT U.S. Companies with the interest in buying products from markets in Latin America and other countries by searching for the specific products or services from a range of potential sellers there.
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    We ASSIST buyers and sellers in all the logistics needs to get their products to the final destination.
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    We ASSIST our clients in preparation for participation in Trade Fairs as both exhibitors and visitors, as well in implementing other marketing strategies to get their products in the target market.
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    Best Quality

     Whether you are buying raw materials, finished goods or specialized products, we will look for the best options in the market that adhere to high quality standards and warranties required by your company.

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    Right Product

    We will look for the right product for the right market according to your company needs and specifications.

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    Best Price

    We will look into various options of products, quality and delivery terms to negotiate the best possible pricing according to your specifications and needs. This will ensure proper positioning of your products in the target market.

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    Right Market

    Whether you are importing or exporting products, we will make sure you are in the right market by assisting you with market research, participation in trade shows, discovering new market trends, direct market visits, customer surveys, procurement of samples and more.


Additional Services

Everglobe goes one step further and offer additional services for your company

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    World Wide Logistics

  • Full Container Load (FCL) coordination and delivery.
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL) coordination and delivery.
  • AIR and Truck delivery
  • Storage and consolidation.
  • All services provided through licensed providers
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  • Market Research for Exports to U.S.A & Latin America
  • Market Research for Imports from U.S.A & Latin America
  • Trade show search and preparation as a visitor or exhibitor.
  • All types of trade marketing support
  • Market analysis and testing.
  • Procurement of commercial samples.
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  • Cargo insurance
  • Quality inspections.
  • Surveyors
  • Country compliance, laws, and regulations
  • Travel advisory and arrangements.

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