Bamboo Everstraws | Everglobe®

Bamboo Everstraws

This is a very special variety of bamboo, completely natural. After the straws are cut, they are polished, washed and disinfected following the highest standards of quality and hygiene process so they can be ready for human consumption.

The straws are biodegradable and reusable. A key element for a proper re use is the handling, they need to be washed and dry very well, avoiding humid places, if stored in the refrigerator can prolong its life and quality.

Social Impact

By employing the Costa Rican communities we support their development and growth without compromising their roots. Additionally, with your business we are helping these families in Costa Rica and the environment globally. Since, these bamboo drinking straws are biodegradable you don’t have to worry about them having a negative impact on our environment.


Our bamboo straws are sourced from an indigenous community from the tropical lands of Costa Rica. Also, they offer you the possibility to add a unique natural touch to your cocktails and beverages.