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They use exclusively the Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma cacao, known as the finest in the world for its special flavor and aroma. Most of our cocoa comes the association UOPROCAE (Union of Producers of Cacao Arriba de Esmeraldas)  that unites 400 cacao producer families and seven grassroots associations in the province of Esmeraldas. UOPROCAE is recognized for its excellent fermentation processes and exceptionally fruity cacao aroma. They are expanding our origins and work also for example with cocoa from Zamora, which is recognized as the true origin of cacao.

In cocoa farming a polyculture system is used, in which cocoa crops are combined with other plants and species. This creates a diverse ecosystem that hosts a large variety of insects and birds and helps to nourish the soil in an ecological and sustainable way.