Everglobe Expanding Its Product Portfolio In USA and LATAM

August 21st, 2017, Los Angeles, CA: Everglobe Corporation, since it’s inauguration in 2016 has been at the forefront of international trading in Southern California and continues to expand its horizon by introducing new products to the U.S. and Latin American market.

One product category the company has been heavily involved in trading recently are personal security products from Guard Dog Security, a Florida-based manufacturer which has become the nation’s most recognized tactical self-defense brand in recent years. With a high increase rate in crimes and the need for personal protection at an all-time high, Everglobe has decided to make a push for these types of products in marketplace both locally and internationally. One of the best-selling items and still gaining momentum in the marketplace has been the Pro-Shield Bulletproof Backpacks that are designed for comfort, functionality, multi-media connectivity, and every day use.

Another interesting and unique product Everglobe is soon adding to its trading portfolio is a road hazard safety product, Amerseal, which is widely considered to be the number one selling premium heavy-duty tire sealant in the U.S. There are many tire sealants in the market that claims to be effective but Amerseal has proven to be the most effective permanent flat preventer and tire life extender of them all. Hence, Everglobe is taking the product to the Latin American market very soon with the goal of making the product as successful as it has been in the U.S.

Some other products Everglobe is currently working on are products in the health and wellness industry. An on-going venture for the last few months has been the idea of bringing one of the best pH 7+ waters in the world, Quantum Spring Water, from Costa Rica to the U.S. The water is derived from the springs deep within the mountains of Juan Castro Blanco National Park in Costa Rica. At the source, sedimentary rocks act as a system of natural filtration, controlling the levels of acidity and minerals creating an ideal pH 7+. The product is soon to be available at stores in California and nationwide thereafter within the next few months.

More information about Everglobe Corporation can be found by logging on to http://www.everglobecorp.com/