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Specialty Foods

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    Specialty foods are  “unique” and high-value food made in small quantities from high-quality ingredients; but for Everglobe this also means healthy and natural foods.
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    Everglobe searches for great food products throughout the entire Andean region, and the countries this beautiful mountains path crosses. Also, throughout the Amazonian region and the beautiful geography of Central America. We have traveled directly to those countries on frequent occasions. Where we have reviewed multiple small businesses’ products and its producers. We practice the best research methods to guarantee you will have the best quality products at the best possible price.
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    Everglobe makes available these products directly to retailers in the U.S.A, so you can enjoy the best of what Latin America has to offer.
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    Currently, our “feature” brand is Wipala Healthy Snacks, which are healthy snacks from the middle of the word located in the country of Ecuador. This product is sourced from the farmlands of Ecuador, where every ingredient is grown naturally giving the public a bar with no preservatives and lots of health benefits.
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    We continue to add new products to the Everglobe family, and we are happy to announce that we will now carry some of the best dark chocolate in the world. Hoja Verde is imported from Ecuador with some of the most delicious cacao with exotic flavors unlike any on the market.

Specialty Products

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    specialty product is a product that certain consumers will actively seek to purchase because of its unique characteristics. Consumers who seek specialty products know what they want and will spend the time and effort to get it.
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    Everglobe searches for these type of products throughout the U.S and Latin America.
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    The Guard Dog Security line of bulletproof backpacks is unlike any others on the market. These bags have many features that are sure to keep you safe and organized on your day to day routine.
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    Our featured brand in the Specialty Products division is Everstraws. This product is an elegant bamboo straw  handcrafted in Costa Rica, which makes an excellent environmental solution to replacing plastic straws for your business. Best of all these straws are not factory processed, which means no pollution into the atmosphere to make them.

International Trading Services

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    Best Quality

     Whether you are buying raw materials, finished goods or specialized products, we will look for the best options in the market that adhere to high quality standards and warranties required by your company.

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    Right Product

    We will look for the right product for the right market according to your company needs and specifications.

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    Best Price

    We will look into various options of products, quality and delivery terms to negotiate the best possible pricing according to your specifications and needs. This will ensure proper positioning of your products in the target market.

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    Right Market

    Whether you are importing or exporting products, we will make sure you are in the right market by assisting you with market research, participation in trade shows, discovering new market trends, direct market visits, customer surveys, procurement of samples and more.

Brands We Work With

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