Our Journey

Everglobe® 2016 to 2022 and Beyond

Everglobe® started operations in September of 2016 in a small office in Burbank, California. The goal of the company was to capitalize on many years of experience in the international trade business and logistics, by connecting small and medium companies around the world looking for products and services. Companies searching for new opportunities and markets in the US and Latin America, but with lack of expertise and resources to successfully expand their activities.

The owners have worked in the logistics business for 30+ years; with experience in shipping lines, airlines, trucking, and warehouses in different countries; with lots of contacts in the market that open doors to the opportunities to “connect the dots” and help such small companies.

We chose Los Angeles as the perfect place, not only because it’s midway between the Americas and Asia, but also as a multicultural and inclusive city. This is a brief summary of our development during these past years.


Everglobe® started as a “one man show” company in a small office in Burbank on September 2016; these first months were dedicated to carefully planning activities and set up: all the necessary contacts, websites, permits to operate, etc.


We have our first employees in the logistics, marketing, and administrative areas. Started on the search of our new clients which came in the way of consulting in different areas as trucking expansion for small company located in Florida, searching for gym equipment for a chain of gyms in Venezuela, and couple of trading opportunities with electronic equipment. Later, we started with the distribution agreement for a small security equipment company from Florida looking to expand its market to the west coast, that way we became well known as a distributor of Skyline USA and its unique “bullet proof” backpacks.

This year we also signed an agreement with a worldwide freight network called MarcoPolo Lines as its official trading company for USA and Latin America.

As we joined the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, we started to tighten commercial relationships with local commerce.


For this year we signed agreements with 3 new brands to help them enter to the demanding US market of snacks and coffee:  Café del Cerro, Wipala Healthy Snacks, and Hoja Verde dark chocolate.

At this point we also hire a commercial person and start to be an official importer of specialty products, starting to be known as a healthy products importer as well. This was a year we put a lot of effort in marketing actions including the update of all our corporate image and logos to reflect a more modern and dynamic interaction in a global trading. We also start to participate in regular bases in events throughout south California; we participated in the Malibu 5K and half marathon, and few vegan events to promote our new healthy brands among other events.


Important headlines for us this year; we move to a bigger office in a business complex in Woodland Hills, CA, still in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area and join the L.A. Chamber of commerce.

The International Trading and Logistics had a boost in business as we start to be the supplier of CME, wire & cable, a Georgia based company in which we start to coordinate their logistics as cable importers from Latin America.

The import, distribution and sale of specialty product also start to consolidate with the brands acquired as clients during 2018.

Two important process we achieved during this year. We were able to register the Everglobe® as a trademark; and we were able to create our own stores both in Shopify and Amazon. This allowed us not only to have B2B clients, but also, be able to help those brands we were representing, to have immediate exposure of their own brands and products across America.

The commercial efforts also were focus on entering to some retailers with such brands, been able to enter to Erewhon and Lassen supermarkets in Los Angeles, among other specialty markets with the brand Wipala healthy snacks.

2020 – 2021

With this year came the COVID-19 pandemic which of course impacted us in several ways; however, we were able to keep going, thanks to our people, the efforts, and planning done in the past years; we keep going with all our clients in the trading as well as imports and sales. No employees or reduction of hours were sacrificed either.

Thanks to our work with Amazon and other e-commerce platforms we even saw an increase of sales for the year 2021. We were also able to register and start selling in other important e-commerce platforms like Walmart.com, and Snack magic.

Another 3 brands signed with Everglobe® to help them enter to the US market: Alibu infusions, Conexion Chocolate, and OMG Coffee from the Galapagos Islands.

We also invested in our first truck for pickups and deliveries in Los Angeles area, as well as in new technology to improve accounting and inventory control.

With a steady growth, from 10X in gross sales from 2017 to 2021 which marks an important milestone for us, but also has permitted Everglobe to help the local communities by donating since 2018 more than 15,000 products of our brands to local organizations like Burbank Aid Center, Saint Charles of Borromeo help center, New Friends Homeless center in Woodland Hills, and Los Angeles Mission.

Additionally, since 2021 we have committed to donate 3% of our sales in products to organization like Action Against Hunger, and Waterkeeper the largest nonprofit organization solely focused on clean water.

2022 – 2027

As we all come back to normal and switch back to work from the office, we look with enthusiasm and positive energy the future to come. We started the year by assisting to the MPL (MarcoPolo Line) conference in France which help us to get re connected with 150 freight forwarders worldwide and offer our services as the official international trading company of this network.

We have just signed a new agreement with a new brand, Nun Pastas, a unique seaweed pasta company from Chile, looking for new healthy markets in USA; and AGC and agriculture tools import/export company in Florida, looking for the management of its worldwide logistics.

A new team in marketing and customer service is now working to get ahead and acquire new contacts and clients. Our administrative assistant, Alejandra Silva has been now appointed as office manager. We have also upgraded our hardware with new PCs for the whole team which will help for more productive work.

We have other companies and brands waiting for us to help them in the process of getting to different markets, and we are working hard to improve our structure, procedures, and systems to be able to allocate them.

Our objective through the year 2027 is to strengthen our services to connect the small and medium companies looking to expand its markets by offering cost effective solutions to specialty products and service needs. Additionally, to have our own warehouse service, and consolidate our services in the west coast, which will help us to generate more revenue, add more employees, and keep our goal of been a dynamic, solid, and reliable company for all our clients, vendors, and employees.


Jorge Pareja