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Specialty Products

Certain consumers will actively seek to purchase this product because of its unique characteristics. Consumers who seek specialty products know what they want and will spend the time and effort to get it.

Everglobe searches for these type of products throughout the U.S and Latin America.

Our “feature” brand in this division is the  GUARD DOG  SECURITY line from the U.S.A. Their  “unique” Bullet Proof backpacks are available for wholesale orders and retail sales.

Our featured brand is EVERSTRAWS. This product is an elegant bamboo straw  handcrafted in Costa Rica, which makes an excellent environmental solution to replacing plastic straws for your business.


Bamboo Everstraws

Our bamboo straws are sourced from an indigenous community from the tropical lands of Costa Rica. Add a unique touch to your beverages and cocktails.

Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog is committed to providing personal self defense, security and protection for everyday use with highly
effective andaffordable products. With an extensive line of self-defense and security items, Guard Dog Security strives
to protect yourself and loved ones.