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October 03, 2018

Press Release

The Wipala Healthy snack bars are made in Ecuador. Inspired by the Inca Roots, these Andean Bars use ancestral ingredients to provide the daily nutritional needs to every consumer. Wipala combines the 5 flavors distinct to the 4 regions of Ecuador, and created the “First Authentic Andean Bar”.

These are their flavors:
Andean Bars.Crunchy. 
Inside you will find organic Quinoa & Andean Lupin plus the best organic banana, Pineapple?and Cacao from Ecuador, creating 3 different bars.  How are they different from others in the market? Vegan, Gluten free & no nuts inside them.  Each Andean bar contains  5g of protein, and 130 calories.
Organic Inka Boost. Chewy. 
This is the first certified organic bar in Ecuador, natural energy, made with Banana, Coffee and Quinoa. Organic and Vegan certified, Gluten Free & no nuts in it. Containing 1g of protein, and 140 calories.
Organic Kids Bar. Chewy.
This is one of the few real natural kids bar in the market, with only 4 ingredients: Banana, Golden Berry, Quinoa and Carrots. This chewy bar is 100% Organic, Vegan certified, and Gluten Free. A good source of protein with 1g, and 87 calories . One bar equals the 75% of recommended daily fruit portion by the USDA. The kids bar that adults will love too!

Wipala Heathy Snacks is imported and distributed by Everglobe Corporation (, a local company located in Burbank, California. Dedicated to offering products that enhance your way of living. The bars are available on select specialty food stores around the USA and California. Online you can order them from the comfort of your home through Amazon and Shopify.

For more information visit us: EGWipalaSnacks or connect with us on Facebook @everglobecorporation.


Jorge Pareja